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There are four major schools (styles) of Japan Karate Do:  Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu and Wado-ryu.  They all belong to the Japan Karate-do Federation (JKF) which is the only Karate-do federation recognized by the Japanese government due to the high standards they promote.  In our school, we use  JKF standards and regulations for  international competition.
Not only do we train for the sport of Karate, but we strive towards Budo Karate as well.

Each style  has different strong points and ideas about technique.  Shotokan stresses on  dynamic, straight movement.  Shito-ryu, stresses quicker, angular movements for speed and power.  Goju-ryu stresses circular movements to produce power.  Wado-ryu stresses the movements of traditional jujitsu.  Each style's techniques are, of course, a result of it's history and development.

Our school's style is Shito-Ryu.   It was founded by Kenwa Mabuni (1887-1952) an Okinawan descendant from the "Bushi" or warrior class.He practice two styles of Karate from Itosu and Higashionna (Higaonna) plus Shinden Fudoryu Jujitsu as well. He put them together and he created his style which is named "Shito-Ryu" The name Shito-Ryu was developed to honor two of Kenwa Mabuni's karate teachers, Itosu and Higashionna (the first kanji in Itosu sounds like "shi" and the first kanji in Higashionna sounds like "to" while "Ryu" means "style" or "way of doing").

Since Shito-Ryu is the style at our school, we favor the performance of smaller, quicker, angular movements for speed and power.  The repetitions of these movements not only develop the power to perform them, but also the stamina to perform them during Karate-Do training  or to carry out the routines of daily life.

With the Chairman of the JKF and WKF Technical Committee, Tsuyama Sensei

Today, Japan Karate-do is practiced worldwide.  Therefore, JKF requires its overseas instructors to learn more than one style. As result, the instructor can understand and teach  his own style
 more deeply.  Our school starts by teaching the natural movements and techniques of Shito-ryu.  Later, at intermediate and advanced levels, students learn not only advanced Shito-ryu but also Goju-ryu.
















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